Monday, December 31, 2007

It's alive!!!

Years ago, I began to experiment with developing a paper robot sculpture. I made one around 2001, and then let the idea sit. I have been trying, to no avail, to get back around to the idea for the last year or so. Finally, I found a few moments in the last few months to work out some details and make some new prototypes.

Now I have the first of the Paperbot 3000 Kit series available in my Etsy store. You get 3 sheets of robot parts which you can cut out, fold
and glue to make your own little yellow robot.

Hopefully, I will be releasing other colors and models later in 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Final Reminder...

One last little reminder that the last day for the BOGO sale is tomorrow, 12/31/07. It's your last chance to get free John W. Golden art for a while. Probably. :)

But seriously, I've got to take a break from the BOGO thing for a while so I can get some new artwork out and do some housecleaning in the Etsy shop.

Hope you'll take the opportunity to get some free art while you can.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wii got one!

After an incredibly grueling rush to get my holiday orders out in time (packed and shipped 96 orders in one straight 36-hour stretch, and that was just Tuesday and Wednesday, I was sleepily standing in the checkout line at our local Toys R' Us.

We had long ago given up on getting a Wii for the kids. We did not even try. I had spent the last 45 minutes trying to see if an alternate gift was in stock, which it was not. Many decisions made that morning (Dec.22), had they been made differently, would have put me standing somewhere else when a man walked by with a Wii under his arm.

I debated asking a cashier if they had Wiis, envisioned the stampede and that special humanity that only holiday shopping can bring out in the best of us, and instead slipped out of line and strolled back to the video game section. A stack of papers in a little plastic sleeve answered my question. We were getting a Wii.

I called my wife and gave her the "meant to be" speech, and fortunately she agreed.

I got my Wii and snuck out quietly, keeping a wary eye for poachers in the parking lot. That's kind of a joke, but we did have some thefts locally when the Playstation 3 came out.

So, even though I am still busy with getting the art out to the world, I have had a few moments to play with the Wii. It's cool and fun, but so far the best thing is that it gives my son and I access to GameCube games that we could not play before. Pikmin is addicting.

It's sad though how sore I am from fake bowling and boxing. And my kid is already beating me at fake Tennis.

BOGO Sale is going down!!!

Just a quick post to put out a little reminder that the biggest and longest BOGO sale in John W. Golden history is ending soon!

I'm finally calling it on this one. Thanks to everyone who participated!!

The sale will end at 12:01 am EST on Jan. 1, 2008. This is probably most likely your last chance to BOGO for a while. :)

I'll be posting soon on what's coming up in early 2008 and what I have been up tyo lately.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scottie is up...

I have been stealing a few spare moments between dropping different kids off at different schools to get more dogs done. This morning's dog was a Scottish Terrier. Check it out on Etsy.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

30 60 90...

I have begun to add to this series, which I have never officially named...

I really enjoy creating pieces in this look, which is kind of a mix of Russian Propaganda posters and Carnival/Sideshow Art. I've got a few more pieces in mind, and the latest is 30 60 90, a little tribute to the cassette tape.

I had my "musical awakening", if you want to call it that, during the heyday of the cassette. I made many a mix tape in my day, sometimes for me but most often as an amorous expression.

Probably 80% of the music I have written and recorded in my life ended up being preserved on cassette, and occasionally I will find a stray cassette and spend a few hours re-discovering songs that I had forgotten and no longer remember how to play.

This weekend I played some of those songs I do remember with some old bandmates at a show in Boone, NC. It was a whirlwind stop for me. My son and I drove 6 hours up on Saturday
morning. I practiced with these guys while my son visited with friends. We played the show, and the next morning it was 6 hours back to home.

It was well worth it, because all proceeds were donated to the family of Drew Newell (1985-2007). Drew was a friend and employee of
Ken and Wendy Gordon, old friends of mine, and he was killed Thanksgiving weekend by a drunk driver as the Newell family returned from Thanksgiving. Drew's father was critically injured.

The show became an impromptu fundraiser, as a pitcher was passed among the audience that raised $275. It was discussed and decided that the take at the door should go to the fund, and Ken and Wendy personally donated to bring the total to $1000.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines, and some new stuff...

Holiday shopping is in full swing! Based on what the folks at the postal service tell me, the following will be my shipping deadlines:

Inside the U.S.: Items ordered by 5:00pm EST on Dec. 18th will ship in time for delivery by Dec. 22nd.

International Orders: The cut-off for delivery before Christmas is Dec. 8th at 5:00pm EST.

I have recently begun to sell sets of select 3" x 3" images from a few of my series. These are available at Etsy. I hope to create some new pieces for the bird collage series soon, but I suspect I won't be doing much besides shipping between now and the shipping deadlines.

Lots of dogs are on my list now, and hopefully I can get them out in time for the holidays.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Collage: Alpaca

Got some newer collages available now, one of which is the Alpaca you see here. These have been available only as the little prints I include in every Etsy order. Now they are available in my Etsy store...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Latest news and new work...

I have been staying super busy keeping the Etsy store running, but I do have some new work. Here's a new dog, an Irish Terrier. I also have a Tri-color Springer Spaniel. Schnauzer and Corgis are next. Hope to have many new dogs in time for the Holiday season.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thank you Target!

My family loves Target. Can you say "discounted Halloween stuff"? As a retail store, they utilize a lot of great graphic design and designers, so I always enjoy browsing the store.

Now I have another reason to love Target. Thanks to Little & Company, a design firm that does work for Target (They do those cool gift cards), some of my work was featured in the latest edition of Red, a Target-produced magazine, in an article on Etsy. This edition is the campus edition and is distributed through nationwide college campus newspapers. It goes out to approximately 1 million college students.

Also featured were Etsy members Sugarloop and Tinymeat. I am honored to be included with these 2 amazing Etsians.

100th Post, and more monsters...

I finally made it to my 100th post on this blog! As irregularly as I post, that has to count for something. Here's a resolution to post more often.

I have 2 new monster prints available. They are available at Etsy.

The BOGO sale is still going on, and keeping me pretty busy during daylight hours.

In other Etsy news, I got my first Treasury yesterday, and had a chance to help showcase some of my favorite artists on Etsy. It actually is a lot of fun making a Treasury. You can view mine here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monster Heartbreak

I have long wanted to do something with monsters, and finally have started with the first in a series. "Monster Heartbreaks" uses some of my urban textrues with a simple illsutration style. I am still figuring out exactly what this series will be.

You can find this at Etsy.

BTW, the BOGO sale is still going on. Details in my store description.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ACEO ATC Backgrounds...

Some of my collage friends begged me to make some of my urban textures available as card backgrounds for Artist Cards Editions and Originals and Artist Trading Cards. So, I did.

These were a lot of fun to make, and I can't wait to see what people will do with them.

$7 gets you 9 backgrounds on which to build your next great masterpiece. There are 2 sets to choose from. Each texture is a composite image made from at least 3 urban texture photographs that I have taken.

Available on Etsy.

Art Greeting Cards now available...

I mentioned cards early this year, and finally...they are becoming available in my Etsy Store.

Right now, I am starting with a Pick your Mix set of 4 from the Fido Series. You can pick 4 of the current breeds I offer. I will be adding more sets of my choosing, and an option to Pick your Mix from almost every image I offer.

These cards are made by me, using hand-tipping (pasting) to apply the fine quality print to each card. Set of 4 envelopes included.

Cards are blank inside and have a small URL for my shop on the back side.
Your recipient can frame the art later if they want. These are the same high quality prints and papers that I sell in my shop, just sized for greeting cards.

Do I really want to bring another robot into this crazy world...?

Well... of course I do! Robots need love too!

This series was without one single lady robot, as was pointed out to me by way of a request, so now Doreen makes an appearance in the Etsy shop. More to come, and maybe a robot dog, too!

I love New Yorkie...

One of my most frequent requests for my Fido Series is the Yorkshire Terrier. Finally done, and on Etsy. This was a good exercise, as long hair was not something I had done yet with the dog series, so some stylistic figuring out was required. This will make a Sheepdog and some other dogs lots easier to do.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is by far the hardest breed I have done! It took several days to get the hair on the top of the heads right. But they are finally done and available on Etsy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waking the sleeping giant...

Years ago we jumped onto the world wide web with It was pretty much a portfolio site for our gallery. People in a hurry could briefly visit the brick and mortar gallery and then go to the website later if they liked what they saw.

Problem was, they couldn't buy directly from the site. This was pre-Paypal. Well, after years of laying dormant, we are going to re-launch the site, hopefully soon. It will feature my work, my mother's work, some of my grandmother's knitted scarves, my dad's audio CDs, and my son's and daughters' artwork. We will also have some of our long-time employee Melissa Manley's metalsmith work.

The re-launch may coincide with our 30th Anniversary celebration (more on that later) in November.

You can see the beginnings of the new homepage here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

1000 orders...

Last week, quietly and with no fanfare at all, I passed 1000 items sold in my Etsy store.

So today...TA-DA! Fanfare. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a print from me over the life of the store. I am planning a customer appreciation sale in the near future.

For now, you can take advantage of the BOGO sale going on in the Etsy Store.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Custom Art for Kids - Mot and Dot

About 5 years ago, my wife and I collaborated to make a cute little fairy princess print for my daughter. Then we ended up making them for our friends' daughters.

Everytime we made one, I would think that customized characters for kids would be a cool way that parents could get art for their kid's room that meant something special to each kid. typical John W. Golden fashion, I let the idea stew for 5 years until some nudging in the right direction by my wife brought about our new collaboration, motanddot. We have a growing collection of little characters that can be personalized for your little character.

Check them out on

Monday, October 08, 2007

Time for more BOGO...

It's time for another BOGO sale. See details in my Etsy Shop description...

This sale has no set end date, but it is subject to end without notice.

This is a great time to get some holiday shopping done early...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Soapbox Derby...

I have always loved soapbox derby cars and the roundness of the racecars of the 1930s. That's what inspired these 4 collages of some racers that I designed. These are new and really have a masculine bent to them.

Available at Etsy...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More birds...

I have added two more birds to my catalog – A Red Wing Blackbird and a Wren.

These can be found at Etsy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Memories of New York...

Another Spring Break trip, this one with a college Sociology Class. Was way into photography by then, and New York was full of texture. I was beginning to move away from close-up abstract photography to more recognizable subjects.

This one is called New York Windows No.1, and is updated here for the Rovinato Series.

Available on Etsy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Memories of Paris...

During My senior year of high school, my sister was spending her junior year of college in Paris. We took a family trip to visit her over my Spring Break. At the time, I was rather disagreeable, as I wanted to spend my Spring Break the way high school seniors do.

In retrospect, it was an amazing trip. My dad took a lot of photographs. My interest in photography was yet to blossom, and I was extremely jet-lagged.

Fast-forward to now – I have the slides my dad took, and a style that I think would fit a collaboration. So, I have added some of these images of France to the Rovinato series.

Available at Etsy.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Brooklyn Art Project, a social network for established and emerging artists, recently held the Battle for Brooklyn, a competition for group members. Folks submitted a few images of their art for other members to vote on. The top 3 vote-getters will be featured in the Brooklyn Art Project group show in Brooklyn on Sept 28, 29, and 30th.

Enough folks voted for Hello Friend for it to come in Second in votes, so it will be at the show. I'm excited to be included in such a great group of artists as the project, even more so to be chosen to be in the show. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for my work and participated in the contest.

If you're in the NYC area, come on out and support the project at 45 Main Street in DUMBO Brooklyn, studio 1040. Friday 7-9pm, Saturday noon-5pm, Sunday noon-5pm.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Border Collie....and Dogs in Ohio

I finally got around to finishing up this sweet little border collie. Many thanks to Sistergray for requesting this breed and her help in completing the image. This one is available on Etsy...

Just sent 25+ various dog prints to Columbus, Ohio for an event there called Best in Show. The Mahan Gallery will be handling my work there during the event. Several other artists are also particpating, and it looks to be a great event with a great purpose.

Here's the skinny:

"Best in Show" -- special one-day exhibition in German Village

Saturday, September 22, 12–5pm

The Mahan Gallery is pleased to host a special one-day exhibition at Kight Studio 551, located at 551 South Fifth Street in the German Village district of Columbus, Ohio.

“Best in Show”
features work that uniquely depicts and honors our canine companions, celebrates their loyalty and promotes the well-being of man’s best friend.

The artists participating include, Megan E. Brown, Elizabeth Chrisman, Mandy Geisler, John Golden, Carol Lew, and Karen Rumora. A portion of the show proceeds will be donated to Columbus Dog Connection to help them continue their work placing abused and abandoned dogs into loving homes.

So...if you are in the Columbus area, please go by and support this worthy cause!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

English Springer Spaniel

One of the dogs I have known the longest is our old buddy, Ridley, the English Springer Spaniel. While he wasn't the model for this, I finally have a print in his honor.

This one is available on Etsy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Lunastrella

It has taken a while, because I use some really old technology to make these images, and the computer I use for these has been sitting in a climate-controlled storage unit
because there is very little modern software that it can run anymore. So I use an old software that is not supported by the newest system software. Trouble was, I could not find the mouse for this computer, and it won't take a USB mouse. So, I found a subsitute mouse, and am letting this old workhouse chew on some new artwork for your viewing pleasure.

I have been wanting to do these two subjects for a while, and they are available on Etsy.

Featured are an old Super8 camera and and old school boombox.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Internets! Why do you taunt me so?

The good news is that I am almost caught up with shipping (as in, the orders that should go out today will go out tomorrow). The bad news is that only hours ago, I was current with shipping (as in, the orders that should go out today were going to go out today). Seems like a series of little glitches (as in, a certain payment handling site won't let me handle shipping, or my ISP quits working when the payment site finally starts working) have conspired to put me a day behind no matter how much I do to try to get ahead.

I can't complain though, wouldn't be doing this at all if it weren't for the internet. Cold, hard vixen that she is.

Tomorrow will bring everything back to where it is supposed to be, and lots of art will be making its way to its new owners.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Collage work: Magpie, etc.

Got some new digital collages available over at Etsy. The Magpie, the collector of shiny things, and something I think with which a lot of craftspeople, especially found object and texture lovers like myself, identify. Certainly not because it seems to be the crown jerk of the bird world :).

Got some cool old animals beside birds this time too...

Shown (clockwise from top left): Magpie, Camera, Armadillo, Alpaca, Mockingbird)

The BOGO Sale is done...

By the time all is said and done, 272+ (not counting sets of) prints will be shipped out from the BOGO sale. I am running a day behind getting packages out, but none the worse for wear otherwise. Just about everything is printed, and hopefully I can get all the packages finished up tomorrow and everything will ship out Monday.

Friday, September 07, 2007

BOGO Print Sale Ends Tonight at Midnight

The madhouse that is a BOGO sale ends tonight at midnight. Thanks to everyone that has participated. It's great getting to meet new customers, and reconnect with previous ones. Thanks to all the new folks that came over from Apartment Therapy.

Next week should see the arrival in my Etsy store of some new products with my art on them. I will have more than just prints for the holiday season.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

All Systems Go!

I have a piece on its way to Florida State University for inclusion in a show this month.

All Systems Go! is an outer space themed invitational art exhibition curated by John Lytle Wilson at Florida State University's Oglesby Gallery September 17th-October 13th, with an opening reception on September 21st, 2007.

If you are in the area, you can see my Quelstar Pfk-1 Robot Box Art Print nice and big, at 21"x32". You can even take it home if you have the right amount of money :).

Thanks to John W for inviting this John W to be a part of a very cool event.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How much things change in a year...

As I was dawdling a bit, waiting for a file to upload , I started looking at pictures and came across this one from last September.

That little girl is the same one as in the front of the picture in this post (taken in early August of this year). Most noticeable is the hair. All my kids were born with almost none and it stayed that way until it started to thicken up a bit between ages 2 and 3.

When this picture was taken, I had been on Etsy about 2 months and had only about 3 sales under my belt. It would be another 2 months before
Etsy began to pick up for me. Earlier this week, I had my 800th sale on Etsy, and now it's hard to remember the days when my sales were in single digits.

As indicated by the pin on her shirt, my wife knew about Etsy. She is now in charge of my frequent listing, and I'm amazed at how she can often times list something and it will sell almost immediately. She seems to have a feel for what type of customer is on and when.

A year ago, I was trying to make time for Etsy, and trying to figure out it's rhyme and reason. Now I spend my days packing orders, tending to convos and trying to create new art when I have a moment.

Now my mom is an Etsian and outsold my first 6 months in her first week. My wife is working to open a shop soon, and my Grandmother who is 90 was even asking about opening a shop. She knits to keep her hands and mind active, and makes my wife and daughters great scarves.

I think we're going for a dynasty :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Renaissance Man, Part Deux

Square Red White circa May 1986 (Me doing my best Morrissey imitation and Chris Cybulski)

See Part One Below...

We started out as The Seeing Fields, and within months had changed our name to Square Red White. We stuck with that.

I had hardly sung live before and knew only a few guitar chords, but the musical ability of the others in the band carried me and my "lyrics". We were heavily influenced by the Alternative heavy hitters of the day, REM, the Smiths and the Cure. We played the Student Union about once a month it seems. And the shows were always sold out. It was a very supportive live music scene.

But things change, and though we all stayed friends, we went our separate ways and played in other bands in the scene (as lovingly documented by our lead guitarist, Chris, at the Boone Music Archive.)

All of us have stayed active in music, and I now play in a band called the Jackson Hives. But the Seeing Fields/Square Red White story does not end there...

To be continued...

Home is where the high-dollar waterfront property is...

Not really. It's more like "Home is where the 1922 farmhouse that had no bathroom when it was built and hasn't improved that much since is". For the next year or so, anyway. We want to move before my son (that blonde kid far left) starts junior high next year.

My wife and I moved back to our hometown 7 years ago, and the family grew by two daughters and shrank by 2 dogs (R.I.P. Dexter and Caleb) and then grew by one dog since.

All that time, we have been no more than 5 miles from the ocean. As the years passed, at the beginning of the summer, we began to say, "We really have to try to go to the beach more. People scrimp and save money, and drive hundreds and hundreds of miles to spend their hard earned vacation hours on a week at the beach! And we hardly ever go." And then...we would go about, say... once a summer for a few hours.

For the last 7 years, I have worked as a freelance illustrator and broadcast and graphic designer. You meet great, creative people, but the hours are long. We are talking 120 hours a week long. We are talking, "People scrimp and save money, and drive hundreds and hundreds of miles to spend their hard earned vacation hours on a week at the beach! And we hardly ever go. But I still can't go." long. We are talking, "When did my kids grow up?" long. So we never did much of anything unless there was no work.

This summer was my first summer working almost solely as a visual artist (still some freelance projects lurking about). It only took me 29 years to get from my first sale to committing to making my living from my art. This was also the first summer that we were able to finally go to the beach more than once for the summer. It's almost like creating my art wasn't going to bring about these changes until I had fully committed to this dream of doing nothing but art. But as I began to take note of the fact that my art-related activities were filling more of my time, things started falling into place to make being a working artist a possibility.

We went to the beach several times each week this summer. We all got tans. The kids' hair got blonder. And life got better for us all.

So for the first time in a long time, I'm kind of sad to see the summer go. For a long time I was often unaware of what season it was. And though we might still have a few more weeks to squeeze in a short trip to the beach on a weekend afternoon, the mornings here are already cooler, and I know the chances to go will taper off to nothing till the weather warms again.

I know... I know... you're right. Poor me.

I could have been a renaissance man if it hadn't been for Math...and Science

The Seeing Fields circa Feb. 1986 (L to R: John W. Golden, Chris Cybulski, Ken Jones, Rob Schladensky)

As the son of an artist and a musician, chances were good that I would at least have a musical or artistic hobby. My parents are also academic, having met while attending Duke, and my Dad went on to a Masters at Harvard, and courses at MIT and Berkley. So I should have been a renaissance man, right? Well, not quite...

Literature and young me? No interest. Math and young me? Mortal enemies. Science and young me? Well, I did win my grade in the science fair one year, but Science and young me? Pardon the pun, but no chemistry there. Art and me? Fast friends. Music and me? Well...

Though surrounded by instruments all my life, I did not take considerable interest in playing an instrument until college. I loved listening to music, and it was very important in my life. My college bandmates and I used to joke when interviewed by the college paper that we joined our band to "meet chicks", to poke fun at guys that actually were in it to meet as many women as they could. Sad thing was, the joke was even funnier because we rarely ended up meeting women due to our little musical cooperative.

It was the mid to late 80s, and North Carolina was a fertile ground of alternative bands with Let's Active, the dBs, Fetchin' Bones and numerous other bands. We didn't know any of those guys. But we had lots of friends in bands and our own little scene tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina. I was in Art school, and my buddies were in their various majors and for a short time, we lived and breathed the rock and roll dream. As we saw it anyway.

To be continued...

Monday, September 03, 2007

New Feature: From behind the Wall

In our gallery space, our back room (where I manage the John W. Golden Etsy empire :p ) is separated from the rest of the Gallery proper by a 6-foot high wall. Statements made on one side of the wall travel quite freely to the other side. And, boy! do statements get made.

Our gallery is a little different than what most folks are used to. Our gallery is stocked and staffed by people with the last name Golden. I grew up around this, so I'm not surprised when an artist owns a gallery. This however is not often the case, so I suspect that your average visitor who visits our space is not expecting the artist whose work that they are raving about (or disparaging) is within earshot.

Being nearby when the compliments flow is great, and you know that they are sincere. But more so, I think I enjoy hearing the bad things people say. Sometimes they are funny, and always entertaining. Most often they show how little the speaker understands about what is involved in being a working artist.

So...I thought, to save my wife from having to listen to me repeating what gets said, I would occasionally post some snippets of what I hear on the other side of the wall.

I'll keep it anonymous, as I don't want to poke fun at anyone (too much). Purely for infotainment purposes.

So I have added a Twitter widget so I can get these gems up on my blog quick and dirty like. It's in the upper right hand corner, and I'll try to update it often.

Aye Chihuahua?

I couldn't think of a better title, and I could not resist...

I have a whole slew of Chihuahuas in the Fido series. Just short hair for now...

It's very interesting to me how much variation there can be within a breed, and I could have probably done another 6 of these.

These are at Etsy...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let the lovin' begin...My first artist feature

For quite some time, I have wanted to point readers of this blog to some of the great stuff on Etsy (Not that you need my help, but work with me for a moment :). So I am finally getting around to it. Some days there is no news about me, so I don't blog. But if I was to spread benevolent truths and substantiated facts about other artists on Etsy, well...that would be nice, and positive, and make everyone feel good in the end.

So, as I sat trying to think who I might like to gab about, one artist leapt to the forefront. She is a fellow North Cackalackian, and our mutual affinity for robots has made us not so strange bedfellows in more than a few treasuries and front pages. She is often kind enough to give me a shout when I make the front page, and makes some of the coolest art I have ever seen with defunct everyday objects.

I have always been a huge fan of found object art, because I like the way that objects that have lost their function can be appreciated for their form. Wrote a college paper about it once even.

So...without further adieu, I give you: Cat Bishop! Known as Artsy to her Etsy friends. Read her profile if you want the real skinny on what the art is all about.

Visit her Etsy shop here.

Craft show issues, Elmer's Glue and White Bread

I came across a macramé necklace for sale on Etsy last night, and it stirred up some buried memories.

In my mind, my first artwork that I produced and sold was a linoleum block print of a sailboat. There was a companion piece of a surfer on a wave. I printed them on this really rough Japanese paper (probably contributed to my love of texture). I was 11 years old, and my mother had just opened the Golden Gallery in Wilmington, NC. I had a little corner called, appropriately enough, "John's Corner", and I sold my blockprints there.

The truth is though, as my run-in with the macramé necklace forced my mind to recall, I was making and selling something else before then.

My clearest memories of that pre-block print time center around 1976. It was the Bicentennial, and we lived in Charleston, South Carolina. My mother had not yet begun to master Watercolor, and was dabbling in other arts. Or crafts, for that matter. I am unable to pinpoint when I joined her in dabbling, but her involvement in craft shows goes back as far as the early 70s in West Virginia.

She worked in the practically lost art of Breaddough, a pre-Sculpey concoction of mashed-up white bread (no crusts), Elmer's glue and a few drops of food coloring. Mostly she made flowers, which then became jewelry of some kind or another. I can vaguely remember twisting and twirling a tiny petal or two around a fake stamen.

She also worked in macramé. We made necklaces from a waxy twine with small wooden beads and clay pendants that she had fashioned out of scrap bits of clay from a Potter friend's studio. We made macramé Owls with huge wooden beads for eyes, and pothangers from a rough Mexican Jute. I vaguely remember putting some of my work out for sale and occasionally selling a piece.

The most memorable thing we did had to do with the Bicentennial though. For all of 1976, as we went to craft shows, we went in 1770's period dress. My mom and my sister had matching dresses and hats, and I had knickers and a puffy sort of shirt. Somehow I don't remember my dad ever dressing up.

My sister still has what we refer to as "Craft Show Issues" because of this. We joke about it. I have fonder memories of it, and funnily enough, my dad now makes his living dressing up in period clothes and telling stories with a historical focus to schoolkids and such.

So, I had to decide if I should update my bios to reflect my newly remembered entrance into the world of making stuff. I decided that, while my dabblings in handiwork before the blockprints was fun, and formative I'm sure, it was a different direction than I have been traveling in since I was 11.

Monday, August 27, 2007

More Rockets and Robots....

I couldn't stay away for long. I'm known locally as that Robot art guy, so every once and a while I need to revisit the source of that moniker.

The seed of these images was planted way back in 2001, when the illustrations were developed as flat graphic pieces. Seems they needed a little character, so I experimented with an etching-inspired style.

These can be found on Etsy.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time for another BOGO sale!!!!! Plus the Mystery Print giveaway!

My kids are headed back to school tomorrow, and as much as we love 'em, my wife and I are sorta looking forward to it. The two girls have reached their saturation point with each other, and their older brother has had about as much of those two as he can stand.

So, to celebrate that, I am having a Back to School Buy One Get One Free Print Sale in my Etsy store. Buy a print and get 1 print of equal or lesser value free. Limit 2 free prints per customer.

Here's how it works: You purchase 1 print, and tell me in the message to seller section which print you would like to have free. ****NOTE: If you put the print you want free in your cart, you will get charged for it.**** If you want 2 free prints, purchase 2 prints and then tell me which 2 you would like for free.

Furthermore...I will be drawing 1 purchase per day to receive an extra free Mystery print (based on which prints were purchased by that days selected customer).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Rovinato

I have two new sub-series, Number 4 and 5, in my Rovinato altered photographs series. These are gradually being added to Etsy, and total 26 new photographs.

Work on Coaster sets is coming along. Testing for a Small Breed Dog set featuring a black pug, a tan pug, a Jack Russell Terrier and a Boston Terrier is very close to completion, as well as a Rovinato Set, and a Lunastrella Set.

Look for those on Etsy soon...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cards, and other stuff

I have been trying to figure out the best way to start offering my work as things other than prints. So I have been working for a while on cards, and coaster sets, among other things. The hurdle is finding a method and materials that reproduce at the quality that I like and I think customers want.

The cards are very close to completion, and I hope to have a few sets up soon. The images will be hand-tipped (hand pasted) onto a white card stock. All attempts at a good card stock that reproduces the image well and is good for writing on were lukewarm, at best, so I am using the premium photo paper that I use for my photos to print the image on.

These will be available on Etsy...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Checking in...

It's been nasty hot here on the North Carolina coast, but you get kind of used to it each year. If you don't stay out in it for very long, it's bearable.

I've got a new print in the dog series, this Airedale Terrier. As usual, you can purchase one on Etsy.

I'm going to really make an effort here shortly to increase blog postings, and also to gush a bit about some of the other artists I've seen or know :). Etsy is dripping with talented and innovative artists and craftspeople.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Boston!!!!! Terrier, that is...

I have finally finished my most requested dog breed, the Boston Terrier. I have also completed a Red Dachshund and a Black Pug, all of which are in the Etsy shop.

Monday, August 06, 2007

No really...who let the dogs out?

Continuing with the Masonite, and to satisfy my urge to get some dogs out whilst I continue creating new ones for my Fido Series, I created these new images based on some vintage dog illustrations.

I am probably going to cause myself a little confusion if there is ever any overlap between this series and the Fido Series, but I could not resist. So far, I have the Scottie shown here, and Airedale Terrier and a English Bulldog available at Etsy.

Vintage musical instruments...

One of the textures I found recently was the back of an old water-stained masonite clipboard. It was such a rich brown color, that I entered a little brown phase...

The first digital collages that I have made use of the masonite texture in is this series of vintage musical instruments. I am finding that keeping these very simple seems to be working best.

I spent a good amount of time creating some new spatter brushes, only to have them all lost when Photoshop crashed. Won't be much much work to recreate them, but still, another aggravation I caused myself that I could have avoided by restarting Photoshop after I created the brushes. I thought about it, but sometimes I get too excited about making stuff.

These are available at Etsy.

Back from vacation...

Back to work! Vacation was great, may post on that later.

After numerous requests, the Red Dachshund for the Fido Series is finally done and available on Etsy. As usual, many other breeds are still underway.