Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let the lovin' begin...My first artist feature

For quite some time, I have wanted to point readers of this blog to some of the great stuff on Etsy (Not that you need my help, but work with me for a moment :). So I am finally getting around to it. Some days there is no news about me, so I don't blog. But if I was to spread benevolent truths and substantiated facts about other artists on Etsy, well...that would be nice, and positive, and make everyone feel good in the end.

So, as I sat trying to think who I might like to gab about, one artist leapt to the forefront. She is a fellow North Cackalackian, and our mutual affinity for robots has made us not so strange bedfellows in more than a few treasuries and front pages. She is often kind enough to give me a shout when I make the front page, and makes some of the coolest art I have ever seen with defunct everyday objects.

I have always been a huge fan of found object art, because I like the way that objects that have lost their function can be appreciated for their form. Wrote a college paper about it once even.

So...without further adieu, I give you: Cat Bishop! Known as Artsy to her Etsy friends. Read her profile if you want the real skinny on what the art is all about.

Visit her Etsy shop here.

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