Monday, November 30, 2009

To the 5 Boroughs...

A few years back, I started a series called City Monikers, based on the nicknames of cities. For some reason, I included Brooklyn in that series. Being neither a nickname nor a "city" the way the other cities in the series were, it may have seemed out of place.

But, it was pretty much just the way I work. The idea was to do all 5 boroughs, and make that a subset of the Moniker series.

I have finally done that with my newest wooden block piece. I also have a version with almost no color that will be available later.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday BOGO Sale time!

Time for my Annual Holiday BOGO Sale in the johnwgolden Etsy shop!

Details: But one print get one print of equal or lesser value for free. Limit 2 free prints per purchase.

Triptych Blocks, Gift Certificates, Jewelry and Mats are not eligible as free choices. However, you can purchase one of those items and get a free print of equal or lesser value.

Purchase only the print(s) you want to pay for, and then tell me your free choice in the message to seller.

Sale will end without notice.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Holiday Madness Begins!

My Etsy shop is filling up with new items for the holidays. I have lots of new jewelry to list, and I expect to have new Mini Triptych Blocks in both johnwgolden and rovinato by the weekend.

Debating whether to do a Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion... Have to decide soon :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some of the new batch of jewelry...

I spent this last week and maybe the last of our warm days here locally making a new batch of resin jewelry. I have over 300 pieces, and following this weekend's Art for the Masses show here, I will start the process of adding these to the Etsy shop.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Glass Tile Graphic Pendant & Ring Tutorial

Here's my latest how-to! For those of you looking for a jewelry making process that is more durable, but relatively non-toxic, I present my Glass Tile Graphic Jewelry. Glass tile over graphics is nothing new, but I have paired that method with a silver plated pendant tray and a silver plated flat ring. The flat ring covers the entire back of the glass tile, making it less susceptible to snapping off, and limiting exposure to moisture. Same goes for the pendant tray.

Judikins DG3 Art Gel is the adhesive that is used, and while it is water soluble, these pieces handle incidental moisture contact very well. When one of these comes out less than perfect, I have to soak the rings for about 15 minutes in water to get them to come apart. I have a pendant that has been soaking for over 24 hours, and while some of the adhesive on the side of the pendants is softened, the glass tile is still stuck fast, with no water seepage into the paper.