Thursday, December 06, 2007

30 60 90...

I have begun to add to this series, which I have never officially named...

I really enjoy creating pieces in this look, which is kind of a mix of Russian Propaganda posters and Carnival/Sideshow Art. I've got a few more pieces in mind, and the latest is 30 60 90, a little tribute to the cassette tape.

I had my "musical awakening", if you want to call it that, during the heyday of the cassette. I made many a mix tape in my day, sometimes for me but most often as an amorous expression.

Probably 80% of the music I have written and recorded in my life ended up being preserved on cassette, and occasionally I will find a stray cassette and spend a few hours re-discovering songs that I had forgotten and no longer remember how to play.

This weekend I played some of those songs I do remember with some old bandmates at a show in Boone, NC. It was a whirlwind stop for me. My son and I drove 6 hours up on Saturday
morning. I practiced with these guys while my son visited with friends. We played the show, and the next morning it was 6 hours back to home.

It was well worth it, because all proceeds were donated to the family of Drew Newell (1985-2007). Drew was a friend and employee of
Ken and Wendy Gordon, old friends of mine, and he was killed Thanksgiving weekend by a drunk driver as the Newell family returned from Thanksgiving. Drew's father was critically injured.

The show became an impromptu fundraiser, as a pitcher was passed among the audience that raised $275. It was discussed and decided that the take at the door should go to the fund, and Ken and Wendy personally donated to bring the total to $1000.

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