Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waking the sleeping giant...

Years ago we jumped onto the world wide web with thegoldengallery.com. It was pretty much a portfolio site for our gallery. People in a hurry could briefly visit the brick and mortar gallery and then go to the website later if they liked what they saw.

Problem was, they couldn't buy directly from the site. This was pre-Paypal. Well, after years of laying dormant, we are going to re-launch the site, hopefully soon. It will feature my work, my mother's work, some of my grandmother's knitted scarves, my dad's audio CDs, and my son's and daughters' artwork. We will also have some of our long-time employee Melissa Manley's metalsmith work.

The re-launch may coincide with our 30th Anniversary celebration (more on that later) in November.

You can see the beginnings of the new homepage here.

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