Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How much things change in a year...

As I was dawdling a bit, waiting for a file to upload , I started looking at pictures and came across this one from last September.

That little girl is the same one as in the front of the picture in this post (taken in early August of this year). Most noticeable is the hair. All my kids were born with almost none and it stayed that way until it started to thicken up a bit between ages 2 and 3.

When this picture was taken, I had been on Etsy about 2 months and had only about 3 sales under my belt. It would be another 2 months before
Etsy began to pick up for me. Earlier this week, I had my 800th sale on Etsy, and now it's hard to remember the days when my sales were in single digits.

As indicated by the pin on her shirt, my wife knew about Etsy. She is now in charge of my frequent listing, and I'm amazed at how she can often times list something and it will sell almost immediately. She seems to have a feel for what type of customer is on and when.

A year ago, I was trying to make time for Etsy, and trying to figure out it's rhyme and reason. Now I spend my days packing orders, tending to convos and trying to create new art when I have a moment.

Now my mom is an Etsian and outsold my first 6 months in her first week. My wife is working to open a shop soon, and my Grandmother who is 90 was even asking about opening a shop. She knits to keep her hands and mind active, and makes my wife and daughters great scarves.

I think we're going for a dynasty :)


Brandi said...

Here's to the Golden Dynasty!!!

I'm sorry, that was a pretty bad pun. :) But I do think that's fantastic that your family is so involved and interested in Etsy.

Zoe said...

that's such a great story and look back at how it all began. I love your work and one of these days I will become and addition to your 800 + sales!