Monday, September 08, 2008

New Dogs...

I finally had a chance to do some new dogs, a German Shepherd and a Doberman. On the way to those breeds, I ended up with the beginnings of about 7 other breeds. Got lots more breeds to get done before the holidays.

You can find them on Etsy.

Back to Normal

Everything is back to normal, following Hanna. We are keeping those in the path of Ike in our prayers.

Had a pretty cool thing happen recently, that I have been meaning to post about.

One of my customers in England sent me this photo of something he happened upon whilst shopping in a John Lewis store.

Yup. Those are some of my dogs, all framed up and available without shipping charges. I'm pretty excited to be getting my work in front of new viewers and to be included in such a high-quality store.

Now just trying to catch-up from a half-day on Friday.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pretty Quiet Night

There was some wind, but very little rain as Hanna passed through.

We lost power at some point, but it was back on by 4:30am or so.

Headed out soon to check the studio, gallery, etc.

It's moved again

The 11pm advisory has Hanna going 30-45 mins to our west. It has been extremely quiet, with little rain or wind. Last I heard, landfall was going to be around 3am.

Not staying up for that.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Ho hum...

Still pretty much just rain. 8pm advisory seems to say same projected track.

Battening down... or not.

The much mentioned trip to storage finally happened. Saw one store that was shuttered, a grocery store.

Did not see any other dwelling or structure with any hurricane prep. My house included. So I would say many folks here aren't expecting much damage, IMO.

Annnndddd...She's back

That did not take long. The 5pm advisory shows Hanna's projected path heading right over top of us again.

It's actually a little sunny out, and I can tell it rained a little. I fell asleep on the couch watching the Weather Channel. Told you the wait was exciting. :)

Still have not gone to storage, so that's gotta happen soon. It will be interesting to see what folks have done to get ready.

I am not Hurricane/Tropical Storm Obsessive enough

Can't believe that I let a whole 20 minutes go by before I realized that the 2:00pm advisory was up. :)

So Hanna's a bit stronger, close to hurricane strength, and it is picking up forward speed, and the path seems pretty much unchanged since 11am. We had the first rain bands come through about 45 mins ago, and they were pretty heavy for outer bands.

Gotta head to storage units to secure some things there.

A little bit of wind...

We are getting ready by grabbing all the loose outdoor stuff and securing what we can. The 11am advisory has the storm passing further to our west, so for at least the next hour or so we are no longer directly in the path. But we are still awfully close. Looks like it may move through a little later than thought in previous forecasts.

We are starting to feel the wind pick up and a few raindrops now and then. Going to run out in a little while to secure things in our storage units.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Here comes Hanna!!

Welllll...Looks like Tropical Storm Hanna is headed our way, and she may be a hurricane by the time she gets here. It's a bit of a scramble today, to get as many orders out as possible, so they won't get stranded in the Post Office here if things get dicey.

We are hoping that the storm will stay a lower level hurricane, which is what is forecasted.

Should give some time to blog though. I blogged about Hurricane Ophelia as it passed through 3 years ago, and I like to say I think I really captured the mind-numbing level of boredom that a wait for a hurricane to strike can achieve.

It's supposed to start raining tomorrow, so at some point I need to stop and get everything off the floor here in the studio (possible flooding) and cover everything with plastic. Many years ago, the building that the gallery is housed in had a collapse of a facade on to the roof of the building. It took out 3 floors on the way down.

I'm next door to that building, in a building just as old (1850s).

Hopefully we will not face anything worse than power loss.