Friday, December 28, 2007

Wii got one!

After an incredibly grueling rush to get my holiday orders out in time (packed and shipped 96 orders in one straight 36-hour stretch, and that was just Tuesday and Wednesday, I was sleepily standing in the checkout line at our local Toys R' Us.

We had long ago given up on getting a Wii for the kids. We did not even try. I had spent the last 45 minutes trying to see if an alternate gift was in stock, which it was not. Many decisions made that morning (Dec.22), had they been made differently, would have put me standing somewhere else when a man walked by with a Wii under his arm.

I debated asking a cashier if they had Wiis, envisioned the stampede and that special humanity that only holiday shopping can bring out in the best of us, and instead slipped out of line and strolled back to the video game section. A stack of papers in a little plastic sleeve answered my question. We were getting a Wii.

I called my wife and gave her the "meant to be" speech, and fortunately she agreed.

I got my Wii and snuck out quietly, keeping a wary eye for poachers in the parking lot. That's kind of a joke, but we did have some thefts locally when the Playstation 3 came out.

So, even though I am still busy with getting the art out to the world, I have had a few moments to play with the Wii. It's cool and fun, but so far the best thing is that it gives my son and I access to GameCube games that we could not play before. Pikmin is addicting.

It's sad though how sore I am from fake bowling and boxing. And my kid is already beating me at fake Tennis.

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