Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Renaissance Man, Part Deux

Square Red White circa May 1986 (Me doing my best Morrissey imitation and Chris Cybulski)

See Part One Below...

We started out as The Seeing Fields, and within months had changed our name to Square Red White. We stuck with that.

I had hardly sung live before and knew only a few guitar chords, but the musical ability of the others in the band carried me and my "lyrics". We were heavily influenced by the Alternative heavy hitters of the day, REM, the Smiths and the Cure. We played the Student Union about once a month it seems. And the shows were always sold out. It was a very supportive live music scene.

But things change, and though we all stayed friends, we went our separate ways and played in other bands in the scene (as lovingly documented by our lead guitarist, Chris, at the Boone Music Archive.)

All of us have stayed active in music, and I now play in a band called the Jackson Hives. But the Seeing Fields/Square Red White story does not end there...

To be continued...

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