Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monster Heartbreak

I have long wanted to do something with monsters, and finally have started with the first in a series. "Monster Heartbreaks" uses some of my urban textrues with a simple illsutration style. I am still figuring out exactly what this series will be.

You can find this at Etsy.

BTW, the BOGO sale is still going on. Details in my store description.


andrea said...

Hi John. I'm starting to experiment with digital art as I can see that to make an independent living that's the way to go. I've been wondering about making cards (all this before I even buy a printer!) and this helps. Do you print two to a sheet and then cut with a paper cutter?

John said...

Because I am pasting my images onto a piece of cover stock that is the actual card, I generally print card images 3 or more to a letter-size page. If I was printing the actual card, I would try to set the cards up for 2 to a page that I would then cut with a paper cutter.