Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Among the 50 blue-million other things I have going right now, I managed to get the rings and pendants done. Everything came out much better than I could have hoped, this being my first attempt at pouring resin. The rings look awesome, so they are going up on Etsy.

The first round of pendants, I think, will go to more happy homes if folks can actually see and handle them. I am very happy with how they look to the naked eye, but when they are magnified (as happens in the product photography), I am less happy with that. So the pendants won't be available on Etsy until the next round. I will have some group photos of the pendants here though.

See the rings I have listed here. More to come.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wakka Wakka Wakka...

Friday was a big and busy day! After an early start to get some packages together, I was interviewed for a project that the UNC-W Randall Library is doing on the history of local art. As part of the project, the University is purchasing a collection of art, with a piece or two from each of the artists interviewed. So...my big orange Robot Worker Pfk-1 (around 3'x4') has a new home now on the university library walls. And a 12" x 12" "Dry Dock" from my Rovinato Series went with it as well.

The interview was fun, sort of my first interview of the sort, and covers my development as an artist from the beginning up to current day, in about an hour. It was videotaped, and I will post it once I get a copy. All you ever wanted to know.

My pewter pendant trays and Silver-plated rings came last night, so I am looking forward to getting started on those really soon. They will be available on Etsy as soon as I can get the hang of pouring resin. May have gone a bit large with some of my choices, so I am gonna order some smaller pendants shortly.

I came into possession of an early '80s Pac Man Cocktail Arcade Machine this weekend. That's the table version. It does not work, but it turns out you can get just about any part you need online. So that's gonna be a project later on. Or maybe it's just gonna be a table.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm being followed by a beach ball...

So the other day, I was driving home from the studio down a street that I take everyday. It cuts through a part of town that has seen better days. It's a 23-block drive. You have to be really careful, because there are lots of residents, young and old, at play, on street corners, etc.

So..., at about 10th street, I noticed ahead of me that two cars were stopped in the road, and I can see some kids off to the left, in a yard. Then I saw why the cars had stopped.

There was a beach ball bouncing across the street. Not your average beach ball. This one is transparent with deep, jewel-tone colors. Not like any one I have seen before.

One of the kids walks out, gets the ball, and we all go on our merry way.

So the next morning, I'm on my way in to the studio. My route to the studio is on a different street, about 2 blocks over from the street I take to go home. At the time of the morning I head in, that part of the surrounding neighborhood is empty.

As I crossed 15th street, off to the left, I saw something bouncing slowly toward me. I slowed down and watched as the jewel-toned transparent beachball rolled/bounced up 15th street, in front of me, and off to my right to disappear in to the woods.

It was like the shopping bag scene in American Beauty. The ball had drifted up 5 blocks and over 2, in a period of 16 hours to cross in front of me at the exact moment that I was doing the same thing, though in the opposite direction, that I had been doing when I first saw it.

Just weird.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Thank you Parents Magazine!

Parents Magazine gave me a double shot of love recently. First, they featured the By Order of the Management series on their Goody Blog (goodyblog.com), and then they did a feature in the magazine on a nursery that happened to have some of my Lunastrella Series on its wall. Big thanks to Elizabeth and Peter for buying the prints and making them part of their gorgeous nursery. And big thanks as well to Jennifer, an Etsian found me on Etsy and let me know that the prints were in the April 2008 Issue. Featured prints were the Lunastrella Robot, Saucer and Space Station.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


There just aren't enough opportunities in life to add "-errific" or "-iffic" to the ends of words. :)

I love old Vespas, so it is a subject I return to from time to time. This one is available on Etsy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Something for Spring...

I have been working on some new critters for a while now, and finally was able to get one finshed. I've got several flitter critters underway, but the Bustling Honeybees won out for first release.

This is available over on Etsy.

In the works...Pendants

Here are some test mock-ups I have done recently as I await the arrival of findings and such so that I can begin creating new ways that folks can own my artwork.

Several types of pendants as well as rings are in the works. Jewelry is a crowded category on Etsy for sure, but I also think there are lots of folks that tend to stick to browsing one category on Etsy, so some cross-pollination may help me reach more people.

Not all of these will make it past the test stage. Not like I need more to do on a daily basis, so these will probably be produced once a month, if necessary.


Hello all, I have been super busy with creating some new work. Inspiration comes from the strangest places, and though I have heard the nickname "Sin City" probably a thousand times, hearing it last week sparked something.

Since I was already in sign mode from creating series 4 of the By Order of the Management Series, I figured I should strike while the iron was hot. There are 13 signs, with many more at various stages of completion. There is also a little subset in which I plan to create signs based on the 5 boroughs of NYC, and maybe even some interesting neighborhoods.

These are available on Etsy.