Monday, August 13, 2007

Checking in...

It's been nasty hot here on the North Carolina coast, but you get kind of used to it each year. If you don't stay out in it for very long, it's bearable.

I've got a new print in the dog series, this Airedale Terrier. As usual, you can purchase one on Etsy.

I'm going to really make an effort here shortly to increase blog postings, and also to gush a bit about some of the other artists I've seen or know :). Etsy is dripping with talented and innovative artists and craftspeople.



Great Airedale! I'm currently working on a painting of one. As I was drawing it, the distance between the eyes and the nose seemed to be bizarrely long. Doubting myself, I checked my proportions and they were actually they just have really long faces, I guess. (Oh no, suddenly in my head I'm hearing the joke about the horse who walked into the bar...)

Michelle said...

Hi John

I found your blog (and shop on etsy) a while ago, because my parents live in Wilmington. Nice town! Love your prints, by the way.

And honestly, you can't complain it's hot until you've lived somewhere like Bangkok, Thailand. It's HOT here all year round, never ends :)