Sunday, May 18, 2008

Resin Jewelry Tutorial Part 1, Rings are Up

At long last, the resin jewelry tutorial that I promised is completed parts 1 and 2 are up. Part 3 is on the way. Also got most of the rings up last night. Pendants should go up for sale today.


thelaundryisneverfinished said...

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this tutorial! I've been looking for something liken this for a long time, so it was a wonderful surprise to find it today!

The Housewife said...

Thanks for posting the resin tutorials. A friend and I tried resin pouring this weekend and we weren't very successful. Once we watched your tutorial, some of our mistakes became clear. Your work is so great! Throughout the tutorial I kept saying, "I want that!"

a rose is a rose said...

your tutorial is a double edged sword. while i LOVE the idea of working with resin and i LOVE the look of resin jewelry - I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER CRAFT IN MY LIFE. if i take this up, i will have only YOU to blame!

(p.s. once again, i do thank you for the tutorial. oh and i do admire your work, it's quite lovely)

Shelli said...

ooo! this is the first time i have been at your blog!
and your new goodies are just stunning really! i am highly impressed... i could not even cut a circle if my life depended on it! you are one talented guy mr! (and great blog too)

xo shells (aka dazeychic)

ps: the star pendant is my personal fav ;)

Anonymous said... comment. Just to know, your idea is spreading around the world. I am from Algeria. I've seen your video in howcast.

Avelyn said...

hi =D I'm from the Philippines, I'm currently experimenting with resin. I've been unsuccessful for my first 2 tries. My last try was that the sides of my resin pendant were blurry. Although in the middle of the pendant, it's clear. Do you have any idea as to what my mistake is?