Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aches and Pains...A sign of summer

Too much yard work this weekend :) I'm used to sitting in a chair all day. Got some shipping to catch up on this morning due to the long weekend.

So...I have had so many folks that want to know where I get my ring shanks and pewter pendant trays that I am considering becoming a retailer. I have to be careful what I add to my work flow, because it is really set up for just shipping art. I would almost have to sell the rings as supplies from johnwgolden.etsy.com, just so I could keep orders in the same pipeline so to speak. I don't know how folks that have orders coming from lots of different sources keep up with it all.

Saw my first firefly of the season about a week ago. Gonna consider switching to a summer schedule that allows taking the kids to the beach a few times a week. We finally realized last year that we live right next door to something that a lot of folks wait all year and pay a lot of money to visit, and that we were wasting that benefit.

It's always really calm in the morning, but not so warm. Great time for taking a kayak out in the surf though, which I vow to do more regularly this summer as well.

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Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Enjoy that beach for me!
I used to live in Jacksonville, NC when my husband was in the Marines and since I knew we'd be leaving in a year or two, I went almost once a week. Even so, it still can be hard to appreciate it until you move to somewhere like, say, Wyoming. So breathe in some of that delicious salty air for me!
And congrats with your success and thanks for the observations on your blog about keeping art+life a Zen experience. It's a good reminder.