Friday, April 04, 2008

Thank you Parents Magazine!

Parents Magazine gave me a double shot of love recently. First, they featured the By Order of the Management series on their Goody Blog (, and then they did a feature in the magazine on a nursery that happened to have some of my Lunastrella Series on its wall. Big thanks to Elizabeth and Peter for buying the prints and making them part of their gorgeous nursery. And big thanks as well to Jennifer, an Etsian found me on Etsy and let me know that the prints were in the April 2008 Issue. Featured prints were the Lunastrella Robot, Saucer and Space Station.


Josh said...

That's so good to hear. Congrats, John!


Me said...

Saw your stuff in Parents magazine and on Etsy. Love it!!

Art Kitten said...

A huge congratulations!