Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In the works...Pendants

Here are some test mock-ups I have done recently as I await the arrival of findings and such so that I can begin creating new ways that folks can own my artwork.

Several types of pendants as well as rings are in the works. Jewelry is a crowded category on Etsy for sure, but I also think there are lots of folks that tend to stick to browsing one category on Etsy, so some cross-pollination may help me reach more people.

Not all of these will make it past the test stage. Not like I need more to do on a daily basis, so these will probably be produced once a month, if necessary.


Art Kitten said...

Oh I am definitely on board to buy one of these! Coincidentally last night I was thinking about doing the same thing with my art.

Because I love your stuff so much it is going to be so hard for me to choose amongst them, but if I may offer my opinion as to which ones to keep:

the sneakers, headphones, birds, top robot image, and old fashioned camera. :)

Klay said...

I love this idea! I think your work makes great pendants. I'm looking forward to seeing them on Etsy.

Brandie said...

I NEED a pendant with your pink sneakers by July 31 st for my daughter's birthday...

Let me know!


RAWVOLTA said...

Love it! Looks amazing!