Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wakka Wakka Wakka...

Friday was a big and busy day! After an early start to get some packages together, I was interviewed for a project that the UNC-W Randall Library is doing on the history of local art. As part of the project, the University is purchasing a collection of art, with a piece or two from each of the artists interviewed. big orange Robot Worker Pfk-1 (around 3'x4') has a new home now on the university library walls. And a 12" x 12" "Dry Dock" from my Rovinato Series went with it as well.

The interview was fun, sort of my first interview of the sort, and covers my development as an artist from the beginning up to current day, in about an hour. It was videotaped, and I will post it once I get a copy. All you ever wanted to know.

My pewter pendant trays and Silver-plated rings came last night, so I am looking forward to getting started on those really soon. They will be available on Etsy as soon as I can get the hang of pouring resin. May have gone a bit large with some of my choices, so I am gonna order some smaller pendants shortly.

I came into possession of an early '80s Pac Man Cocktail Arcade Machine this weekend. That's the table version. It does not work, but it turns out you can get just about any part you need online. So that's gonna be a project later on. Or maybe it's just gonna be a table.


Art Kitten said...

I am jealous of the pac man game, my favorite video games were the table ones!

Congrats on the art sale and interview as well!

Brandie said...



RAWVOLTA said...

well... I went through YOUR blog and your art looks and feel amazing!!;-)) I am going to make a tent somewhere inside of these blog pages and watch YOU now;-)))

devan said...

Hello John,

I found you through a google "rockets & robots" search because I'm doing my nursery in that theme. Funny I had not even seen the article in Parents magazine so it must be the zeitgeist I was feeling at the moment.

Anyway, your work is fantastic and witty. I love it.

I hope you don't mind a friendly inquiry in regards to your new endeavor with the jewelry. Have you considered making the pendants available as charms for a bracelet?

I'd love to create a charm bracelet out of your pendants if they are sized for such. Perhaps also made available in a coin shape if it works with the prints?

Just a friendly thought because your work lends itself greatly to themes and many would likely order and collect multiple pendants if they could wear them in groupings.

I can't wait to see all your future work.

All the best,

wunderbug said...


i'm so glad to find your blog; i was looking through artkitten's blog links and saw your name...since i have you hearted on etsy, i wandered on over here to see what your blog's like. i'm not disappointed - i love your style!

... and a pac man table has totally got my vote. :)


Octavine Illustration said...

congratulations!~ how exciting to have one of your creations on hallowed university walls. most well deserved as your images are beautifully unique. lovely color palettes...i've enjoyed perusing, thank you!~ (oh, and i'm jealous of the pacman--i think it would make a delightful little breakfast table.)