Friday, March 07, 2008

What's behind the bird collage series....

A deep-seated fear of all things avian. Just kidding. Really I am drawn to the design of birds, in general.

This series really began about 18 years ago, when I found a book, which will remained unnamed, that had lots of cool old illustrations in it. The book, at the time, was not yet part of the public domain, so I waited a long time for that to come to pass.

Prior to the birds, I wasn't really doing a lot of collage, and I didn't do any that used public domain images. If I collaged it, I had created the image from scratch.

I don't like to use found public domain images as I find them, so for the birds, which start out really small, I alter the image as much as I feel I can without changing the antique feel. Then I create the background using several layers of images of urban textures that I have taken.

Once the bird and the background are in place, I paint some color onto the background using my custom photoshop brushes. And that is pretty much it.

I have been a little surprised at people's love for birds and for this series. Of course, actual birds can be beautiful, but I sense that there is something deeper to people's affinity for birds. Someone suggested to me that maybe it is a friendly envy of birds ability to fly. I don't know. No answers here.

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MrsDragon said...

I find myself drawn more and more to birds of late. I think it is partially the freedom they have to fly and soar. They are also intelligent, curious, and beautiful. If nature had a talent show, birds would be the stars.