Friday, March 07, 2008

Must Be Something in the Water... Candy L. Pegram

Something in the Water is a series meant to showcase Etsy artists living nearby me. We've got a lot of talented people round here, and if I can help shine a light on those folks, great!

Original Monkey Face Painting on Wood

© Candy L. Pegram, 12"x12"

I first came across Candy's work at a local show held here from time to time called "Art for the Masses". Her work really stood out among the huge crowd there. She had these great superhero paintings that I just loved, and more importantly, I knew my wife would love. She (my wife) does, and she is a far better judge of art than I am.

Sadly, I did not snatch one up, and I'm not sure that she still does them. Candy combines her personal way of seeing things with a warm folkish technique that is very appealing.

Her Artist Statement:

I begin each painting with a naive idea of what the final outcome will be. Consequently, a piece will evolve through layers of color, often sanded off several times to achieve a desired depth of feel. I favor images with hefty strokes and bold outlines, new yet familiar, evocative of a powerful collective pop culture memory of childhood toys, cartoons and characters. Currently I use wood as a canvas for its unique texture and inviting irregularity which tends to forgive my doubt and reward my instincts. My paintings tend to strike a random yet unidentifiably familiar chord that hopefully reminds us of our youths; when life was saturated with color and endless wonder.

Get them while you can at her Etsy store.

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