Friday, June 01, 2007

What to do next?

I have been buried this week with a motion design project that wraps up today. I am excited to start on some new art soon, but not sure where I want to start. We need to prep for the summer season here in the gallery, so I need to generate some back stock/inventory.

I have always been interested in objects that are so associated with a locale as to be iconic, like red double decker buses and London. That interest led me to create some art of the last few years that I call my British Stuff, however lame a title that is. I ended up researching old buses and found some great resources for some of the transit vehicles from other cities in the UK. I am working now to finish those pieces and look forward to seeing who connects with them.

More critters are on the way, as well as collages with vintage technical illustrations. My maternal grandmother loaned me a mountain of kodachromes that my grandfather took on family vacations in the 50s. They are classic roadside attraction type shots, and I see something along the lines of my Rovinato series happening with those.

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