Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Lunastrella Rollerskates!

My oldest daughter is turning 5 soon with a rollerskating birthday party on the schedule. So once again my wife needing some art for one of the kids has helped me to create some new work. I added some new background colors to the series for this one, gray and pink.

These are available at Etsy...


christi said...


Will email this to all my derby sisters.

steven mcvay said...

hi, just wanted to say hello and that your post about iconic things caught my eye, especially about london buses,i live in london and did you know that the iconic ones called routemasters, have been taken off the streets and replaced with modern ugly ones, it was due to the lack of disabled access...however great things are happening with parts of these old buses, look at my blog and see an old post about my friend who is using the destination signs in a new modern will love her work. sorry if i have rambled on. love your style and your blog is really interesting.