Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spreading Prints out all over the web...

Did some searching this weekend to see what kind of outlets there are for my art work on the ol' WWW. Found some new places, and now have galleries in place on many print retail websites.

What spurred this was an email from a retailer that I had joined a few months back. I had kind of forgotten that I had set up a gallery there, and in the meantime, without knowing it , had sold in excess of 50 poster-quality prints. That was a nice surprise.

It was also plenty good reason to expand my web presence to other sites. So...a comprehensive list of places you can get my prints and what's unique to each involved: - We have some of my saltwater fish and some of the Lunastrella Series available here as posters. The posters are standard sizes, but our images are not, so you have some excess paper involved. Makes the framing feature relatively useless, but for frame shops and the like, this is a great place to purchase stock.

Visit my Gallery
- A relatively young site, with a lot of options for the buyer. You can choose from many different papers for your print and they have a few options for canvas as well. The Framing feature on this site is great, and is the best way to get a framed piece of my work.

Visit my ImageKind Gallery - The place for all things handmade. I package and ship these pieces myself, and in general, most of the work available is under 12x18 inches. This site is where I go first when releasing new work. You'll probably find more of my work here than anywhere else (besides

Visit My Etsy Shop
- A cool little place designed for bands, record labels, clothing lines and specialty shops. I'm a specialty shop. Just a few Lunastrella pices there right now, but depending on how those do there, I may expand it.

Visit my BigCartel Shop
- What will eventually be every print and photo that I offer, but with 25 years of ilustrations and 20 years of photos to go through, it's a long process, so not yet the best place to buy, but a good place to browse.


I am also in the process of adding some new retailers that I will be announcing in the coming weeks. I hope you will support these folks as they begin to support me.


Travis said...

These are great! Are you going to be selling your photos at Imagekind as well?

John said...

I hope to do that soon. Kind of watching to see how the Illustrations do before upgrading to an account with capacity to handle both the art and the photos.

Thanks for your comment.