Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mini Robot Art Block Set of 8

It took me a while since first announcing this series, but a long stretch sitting at the computer, babysitting the printing process gave me an opportunity to finally get 8 of these little guys together. Each block is wrapped (except the bottom) in a fine archival print. I then burnish the seams, paint the seams in a matching color and seal the print.

Got a few more ideas for this technique, maybe some friendly monsters and some urban buildings.

I fortunately have been very busy as of late, which has curtailed my generation of new works, but I have managed to grab a moment or two to create some new stuff. The art blocks themselves quickly went from "Yay, I get to do some blocks!" to "I have to do blocks now". :) I'm not complaining though. I should be so lucky. I'm very pleased with the reception my mini-triptychs have received, and I can't wait to see what folks think of the mini Robot Art Blocks.

Blocks are available as a set of 8 for $48 USD, and individually for $7.50 ea. in my Etsy shop.


Brad Reynolds said...

These are rad!

sushipot said...

These are really great John!! Love them and am glad to have come across your blog. I'm a little late getting around to the blog thing but finally started one this year. Hope things are going well for you and yours! --Suzanna

Jane Wilson said...

love these!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get these. Do you plan to make more? (Please?)

John W. Golden said...

I am making more, Kate! Here's a listing if you are interested:



John W. Golden said...

Hey Suzanna,

Thanks so much! Still loving our sushipot piece.

Off to check out your blog!


John W. Golden said...

Thanks Brad!