Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wow! Technology is amazing!

So... I just downloaded a little blogging app for my iphone. Now I can post to my blog anytime and I don't have to wait until I have a free moment at home or at work. I will be a blogging machine.

I say all that knowing full well that I will not be blogging any more frequently. It's more about having something to write about than any ease of use or having time on my hands. But I will have something to write soon! We are in the process of looking for new digs for both the Golden empire and the Golden family. Time has come to put it all in the same place. I can't do it all myself anymore. Gotta take advantage of that free family labor.

So, why a picture of what's probably a 300-400 year old oak tree all chopped up and being carted away? I don't know. I hated to see it destroyed. I don't know where came from or where it was going. It could have been destroyed naturally. But it reminded me that everything changes and that all things eventually end.

-- Post From My iPhone


Shiningwoman, freelance artist said...

How very zen.

jgoode said...

Hi John, I've been reading your writings and watching your videos for all of 2 hours now... but I had to stop and comment on this one post because if my kids weren't sleeping, I've be cracking up! I did the exact same thing.. added the wordpress app to my phone - set it up for my blogs and practiced taking photos -- with the intent of blogging more. Really it was just my intent displaying itself so I would remember yet another intent. I can't blog with an index finger and a thumb.

Good for you for not only recognizing there needs to be a change, but making it happen - kudos to your family for the support... Nothing better than a family that inspires and supports the creative!

-- and thank you so much for sharing the resin techniques - I can now sleep better knowing my hunt for info has been satisfied for the day