Tuesday, July 08, 2008

19 hours each way...

End of this week, I will embark on a long and arduous journey. My son and I, and my sister, my uncle and my folks are all piling into a vehicle and drving halfway across the country to our annual family reunion. Sure...flying would be faster, but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my son (in addition to the full week we are going to be spending at Scout Summer Camp later this month) before he goes off to become a middle-schooler. And I am looking forward to the time with my extended family.

It has become harder and harder to find large blocks of time to work on creating new art, and the list of requested breeds for my dog series has gotten long. So, I'm thinking as I cruise through North Carolina, Tennessee, and parts beyond, that I could get a little art done. and maybe shoot a few photos on the way. And maybe eat an indigenous sandwich or two. I have this dream to one day rent an RV and travel the country eating the sandwiches that originated in the various parts of the country. I have a feeling that this will be a $5 footlong version of that dream, at various Subways along the way.

If I can get Wi-fi access, I'll post each day's progress.

For now though, I've got a lot of prints to get out before I leave. Got new rings and pendants underway, working on glass pendants, and thanks to Spoonflower (some fellow North Carolinians, I might add), I'm getting closer to seeing my robots in a form you can pick up and hold. I wanted to create something using my Quelstar Tin Toys series, in keeping with the era that inspired that artwork. So, introducing the Fabribot, a retro-styled stuffed fabric robot in 6 or 7 models. These will probably be sold with a small print of the box art for that robot design.

These are hand-sewn by me, using fabric that Spoonflower has printed for me. Yes, I sew. It was a requirement that I be able to sew and do my own laundry before being allowed to leave home for college.

It will probably be a few weeks before I can get these in the shop, due to my upcoming road trip and a week at summer camp shortly thereafter, but maybe I can get a few in there late next week.


Kim said...

Nice work, John! So glad to see that great fabric made into these little guys.

Hope your trip is lovely. I've got the same RV dream, though it'll have to wait til my little ones aren't QUITE so little. Unfortunately, they don't currently regard car travel as quality time.

CourtneyP said...

Love your work! I have also had the dream of packing my kids up and taking a cross country trip enjoying what all the small towns have to offer. I guess I have a romantic view of the world ... a bit of "travels with Charlie" (stienbeck) syndrome. Have fun!

the camp said...

wow...the trip sounds like fun
and i love that you were taught to
cook and sew. every child should learn regardless of their sex.

love your work.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

The fabric robots are AWESOME!

My folks took me on a cross country trip when I was 10 and I freqently look back and thank them for so dramatically expanding my view of the world. You should totally do it one of these days (assuming the current trip ended without bloodshed or hurt feelings).

Beth Ann said...

My father was a long haul truck driver in my first 8 years. So we could see him, Mother and I would drive to the closest route to our home. I loved the motel rooms, pools, diners and the smell of diesel. Now, I like trucks and travel trailers, diners and the smell of diesel. It was a great education and taught me a lot about living AND tolerance of others.

John, get that RV, throw the kids and dogs in the back and you and the missus take off into the open road of adventure. None of you will ever forget it.