Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Year on Etsy...Time to BOGO!

July 23rd will be my one year "Etsyversary", so to celebrate, I am having a BOGO sale!

Buy one print, then let me know which print of equal or lesser value you would like for free!

Use the conversation feature, the message to seller feature, or e-mail to let me know. Just make sure that you do not add your second print to your order.

That little guy to the left is the newest print available in the Fido series. Still have lots of new dogs underway. If you want to request a specific dog, leave a comment here or contact me through my Etsy store.


Bold Imagery by Jason Connel said...

Dude! I just discovered you!!!! I am going to be your best customer! Your signs are freakin' awesome!

I checked out your website, and it makes me what to get out and shoot! Thanks for the inspiration! Your the man!

Can I feature you on my blog?


John said...

Hey Jason,

Thank You!

Please do feature me. I'd appreciate that.


I think you should do a Boston Terrier! You'd do the breed proud. I'm diggin' the Beagle!

stevie said...

Hey! I second Boston Terriers. Us Boston Terrier owners are totally crazy about the breed. :)

I think a Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier print would also be neat. Can you tell that I'm looking at having a collection that represents all the breeds in my pack of dogs? LOL.